At twenty-eight years old, the only men in lawyer Cate Jenkins’ life are her two cats, Thor and Loki, unless you count her not-so-secret love affair with Ben & Jerry.

Escape comes in the form of art classes, where life drawing model Joe provides a welcome distraction from the monotony of her job. Each Thursday for five weeks, she gets to lose herself in a world of twinkling blue eyes and chiselled abs.

Meanwhile, next-door neighbour Dane is determined to win her heart. Can his gifts of coffee and kitty treats win out against muscled perfection?


Every girl needs a friend like Marie…

My phone pinged with a message, interrupting my thoughts, and I made the mistake of picking it up.

Marie: Flipping heck. Still fanning myself after tonight’s session. Joe is hereby known as Mr. Hot Rod.

Worse, she’d accompanied the message with a hand-drawn dick pic, done in charcoal on cream paper. The piece of egg slid down the wrong way, and I coughed and spluttered as I tried to get my breath back.

“Can we get a glass of water?” Joe called out to the lady, and one appeared almost instantly. “Here, drink this.”

He crouched beside me and rubbed my back until the gagging subsided, although if I’d choked, that would have saved me from dying of embarrassment when I followed his gaze to my phone.

“Is that…?”

“Uh, I think so. Maybe. It’s Marie’s idea of a joke.”

“Mr. Hot Rod?”

I watched in horror as another line of text popped up on the screen: Just a not-so-little something to give you sweet dreams tonight.

Elise Noble

Elise Noble

is an English rose with a few thorns who loves chocolate, sleep, and well-defined abs. Not hers, unfortunately. She lives near London with a sexy chef, a horse who eats all her money, and a dog who eats her car keys. Always a reader, she took up writing after inspiration struck in an old manor house, and still pinches herself at the fact that people read her books. She spends her days working in an office and her nights dreaming up new characters for you to fall in love with. Elise currently writes the Blackwood Security series of romantic thrillers and the Trouble series of romantic comedies.